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Generation Iron Plus

What happens when the world's most innovative sports production company joins forces with the #1 research scientist in the field?

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Designed and narrated by renowned exercise physiologist, Dr. Jacob Wilson, the Courses are created to give insight on the key scientific components of training, physiology, and nutrition. The lessons learned in the Courses can be immediately applied to optimize your training and overall gains.

Questions & Answers

Have a question about the many nuances of training, supplementation, or nutrition? Odds are, others have had these questions, too. Luckily, Dr. Jacob Wilson breaks down these questions and provides answers and applicable direction for the knowledge-seeking bodybuilder.


Whether you’re seeking an individual workout to break up monotony in the gym, or you’re looking for a professionally-designed, full training program, Generation Iron Plus has you covered. No matter your goals or experience level, Generation Iron Plus can provide the direction you need to maximize the effectiveness of your training.


Articles on Generation Iron Plus are in-depth discussions on specific topics and include immediate takeaways for training or nutrition optimization. These also delve into the many intricacies of the exercise sciences and human physiology to provide a well-rounded understanding of the topics at hand.


The Exercise library on Generation Iron Plus consists of over 300 exercises that challenge every muscle group in the body. Need new ideas on how to attack a certain muscle group? Simply click on that muscle group in the Exercises section and you’re provided with nearly every conceivable exercise to help promote new growth.

Quick Tips

Today’s world is incredibly busy and fast-paced. And, sometimes, gaining insight into the exercise sciences can be a tough task. However, Generation Iron Plus has you covered with Quick Tips. Quick Tips offer an immediate summary of the findings of a research study in a way that you can apply to your training or nutrition today.

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